Apple Inc is looking for a 4G/5G system engineer on mobility control. Based in California, USA (Bay Area or San Diego). .

XR Use CasesTS 26.928

NoUse CaseTypeExperienceDeliveryDevice Types
13D Image MessagingAR3DoF+, 6DoFUpload and DownloadXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
2AR SharingAR, MR6DoFLocal, Messaging Download and UploadXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
3Streaming of Immersive 6DoFVR3DoF+, 6DoFStreaming Interactive SplitXR5G-V3 or XR5G-V4 with controller
4Emotional Streaming2D, AR and VR2D, 3DoF+, 6DoFStreaming Interactive, SplitXR5G-P1 XR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
5Untethered Immersive Online GamingVR6DoFStreaming, Interactive, SplitXR5G-V3 XR5G-V4 with gaming controller
6Immersive Game Spectator ModeVR6DoFStreaming, SplitXR5G-P1 XR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
7Real-time 3D Communication3D, AR3DoF+ConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
8AR guided assistant at remote location (industrial services)2D video with dynamic AR rendering of graphics6DoF (2D + AR)Local, Streaming, Interactive, ConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
9Police Critical Mission with ARAR, VR3DoF to 6DoFLocal, Streaming, Interactive, Conversational, Group CommunicationXR5G-A3 XR5G-A4
10Online shopping from a catalogue – downloadingAR6DoFDownloadXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
11Real-time communication with the shop assistantAR6DoFInteractive, ConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
12360-degree conference meetingAR, MR, VR3DoFConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
133D shared experienceAR, MR, VR3DoF+ 6DoFConversational XR5G-P1 XR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
146DOF VR conferencingVR6DoFInteractive, ConversationalXR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
15XR MeetingAR, VR, XR6DoFInteractive ConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-A1 XR5G-A2 XR5G-A5
16Convention / Poster SessionAR, VR, MR6DoFInteractive ConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-A1 XR5G-A2 XR5G-A5
17AR animated avatar callsAR2D, 3DoFConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-A1 XR5G-A2 XR5G-A5
18Online shopping from a catalogue – downloadingAR6DoFDownloadXR5G-P1 XR5G-A1 XR5G-A2 XR5G-A5
19Front-facing camera video multi-party callsAR3DoFConversationalXR5G-P1 XR5G-AX
20AR Streaming with Localization RegistryAR, Social AR6DoFStreaming, Interactive, ConversationalXR5G-A1 XR5G-A2 XR5G-A5
21Immersive 6DoF Streaming with Social InteractionVR and Social VR3DoF+, 6DoFStreaming Interactive Conversational SplitXR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
225G Online Gaming PartyVR6DoFStreaming, Interactive, Split, D2DXR5G-V3 XR5G-V4
23Spatial Shared DataAR6DoFStreaming Interactive Conversational SplitXR5G-AX

The use cases are summarized in clause 5 into several core use cases and scenarios.