Oct/01/2022: Apple Inc (California, US) is looking for talents with 3GPP RAN2 experience and a good physical layer understanding. Contact Me if you are interested.

5G NRexplainedpre-release

This website tries to:

  1. explain 5G New Radio based on 3GPP specifications, thus, ensures accuracy of the descriptions.
  2. provide additional explanations when the specification is not easy-to-understand.
  3. provide interactive examples alongside the specification. It's much easier to learn things with examples, than trying to figure out how it works by yourself.
  4. provide a set of toolboxes that can be handly for daily work. E.g., frequency/ARFCN/raster converter, OFDM signal generator etc.
  5. provide a easy way to browse RRC Information Elements.

TS 38.331

RRC message

Technical reports

Wireless communication basics

Other wireless technologies

Bluetooth LE (to be added)